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The CCR Group is the largest mobility infrastructure platform in the country. The company's focus is on the highway concession, urban mobility and airport segments. We are present in 230 cities in 13 Brazilian states. The company currently has more than 17,000 employees, responsible for managing 39 assets in Brazil and in three Latin American countries: Curaçao, Costa Rica and Ecuador.

We manage and maintain 3,615 kilometers of highways, where about 2.5 million vehicles travel daily. In urban mobility, we manage trains, subways, trams and ferries, transporting 3 million passengers daily.

In the airport segment, there are 20 assets under management, with more than 40 million passengers embarked annually.

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The Company has an unwavering commitment to integrity, with a focus on sustainable value creation, extending the positive effect to the entire value chain

Message from the CEO

GRI 2-22

In 2023, the CCR Group executed the largest investment in its history in the three businesses in which it operates—Highways, Urban Mobility and Airports. But that's not all. After assuming the Executive Presidency of the CCR Group on April 24 of last year, we launched as a priority focus of the Board of Directors a process of in-depth review of the foundations of our strategy, culture and organization. This review was part of the so-called “Value Acceleration Plan”, currently consisting of 25 initiatives, which we have launched to project the future of value creation for the CCR Group. We started by revisiting the medium and long-term strategic planning, having updated our Purpose, Vision and Guiding Principles of our culture, and our organizational design, aiming to optimize our structure, to obtain an increasingly simple, agile and efficient company. It was on these foundational elements that we accentuated our attention to the ESG agenda, starting with our Vision, which went on to establish that we wish to “Lead the mobility sector with a focus on creating sustainable value” and also on our Purpose, which became “Improving people's lives through mobility.”

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Mensagem CEO

ESG Highlights

GRI 3-3

Rating AA on MSCI

Rating AA on MSCI

Oito novas usinas fotovoltaicas

Completion of eight new photovoltaic plants in RodoAnel and ViaCosteira

metas de descarbonização aprovadas pela Science Based Target initiative (SBTi)

First company in the infrastructure sector in Brazil to have its decarbonization goals approved by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi)

50 mil atendimentos de saúde e bem-estar

More than 50,000 health and well-being services to drivers, truck drivers, pedestrians, customers of trains, subways and communities surrounding the operations benefited by Pathways to Health

Caminhos para a Cidadania

More than 3,900 teachers from 232 municipalities in six states benefited from the Caminhos para a Cidadania (“Pathways to Citizenship”) program

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